Microsoft Executive Hints at New Surface Devices

The company is planning to expand the Surface product lineup

Microsoft will soon debut the Surface Windows 8 Pro, but the company is apparently looking into ways to bring more Surface devices on the market in the upcoming months.

Peter Klein, Microsoft’s chief financial officer, hinted in a Q&A session after the company’s conference call with analysts that some other Surface-branded products are in the works, without providing any specific details.

“Our goal is to continue to build that business to highlight the incredible power of Windows 8 in an interesting set of devices. We are going to expand geographically. We are going to expand the product line up. We are going to expand retail distribution and capacity. So we look forward to continuing the growth of that business,” Klein said.

According to previous rumors, Microsoft is also working on a 7-inch Xbox Surface tablet optimized for gaming, but also on larger devices aimed at the ultrabook market. A Surface-branded phone is likely to be released this year, but Microsoft has decided to remain completely tight-lipped on the subject.

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