Microsoft Extends Windows 8.1 Update Installation Deadline

The company has just confirmed that users have one more month to install 8.1 Update

Microsoft today announced that Windows 8.1 users have one more month to install Windows 8.1 Update, as the company extended the installation deadline from May 13 to June 10.

This means that those who are still having issues deploying Windows 8.1 Update still have enough time to cope with the issues and find a way to resolve them.

Microsoft said in a blog post today that some users have indeed experienced problems when they tried to install Windows 8.1 Update, so that's why it's extended the deadline to June 10.

“While we believe the majority of people have received the update, we recognize that not all have. Having our customers running their devices with the latest updates is super important to us. And we’re committed to helping ensure their safety. As a result, we’ve decided to extend the requirement for our consumer customers to update their devices to the Windows 8.1 Update in order to receive security updates another 30 days to June 10,” Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc said.

Windows 8.1 Update is being delivered via Windows Update, but a number of users have turned to the manual installation method in order to cope with some of the errors that occurred during the setup process.

Microsoft already provided a number of workarounds to help users experiencing issues, but it remains to be seen if everyone manages to install the new OS version using these tweaks.

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