Microsoft Fanboys Behold: Steve Ballmer App Shows Up in Windows Store

Get to know the Microsoft CEO straight from your Windows 8 computer

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Steve Ballmer dancing on the stage, but the Windows 8 launch event is scheduled to take place next week, so maybe the “Monkey Man” will give us something to remember.

Nevertheless, Steve Ballmer is now at the helm of Microsoft and while some are poking fun at him, many more are actually applauding his desire to make the Redmond-based company the number one technology firm in the world.

Well, Windows 8 users can now find out more about Ballmer straight from their Start Screens thanks to a “Steve Ballmer” app.

Videos, quotes from his speeches, photos and many more are waiting for you in the Windows Store.

Still, we can’t help but wonder whether Steve manually approved this app or it was actually Microsoft’s employees who asked his permission to do it.

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