Microsoft Fights Back at Google by Supporting Massachusetts Privacy Bill [WSJ]

The company is backing a proposed law that could affect Google

It turns out that Google is one of the companies behind Microsoft’s fine in on the Old Continent, so the Redmond-based technology company apparently has all the reasons in the world to continue its Scroogled campaign.

This time, Microsoft is backing a Massachusetts privacy bill that is once again aimed at Google and its privacy practices, as the Mountain View search firm is often accused of violating users’ privacy.

The proposed law would block companies from using data collected by educational software to display ads to students and teachers browsing the Internet from public school computers.

Google, on the other hand, says that its educational software doesn’t collect any browsing information to display ads, just like it usually happens with some of its services, including Gmail, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Of course, Microsoft used the occasion to remind everyone that is a lot better than Gmail, as it doesn’t look into users’ emails to display ads.

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