Microsoft Fights Back in Click Fraud War

The company launches a new campaign to reduce click fraud

The Redmond-based technology company continues its efforts to make the online environment a bit safer with a new campaign supposed to reduce the number of click fraud attempts.

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMCP) has teamed up with the Microsoft Online Forensics team in AdCenter to provide better solutions capable of detecting online click fraud schemes and keep consumers on the safe side.

According to data provided by Microsoft itself, up to 70 percent of all malware available online employs some form of click fraud, so computer users really need more effective technologies to protect them while browsing the web.

“We are intersecting large data sets between malware telemetry and ad-clicks to detect anomalous behavior correlated to malware. And we are taking two relatively disparate domains of expertise and tools, namely malware and online advertising, and creating prevention systems and processes for identifying the entire chain of benefactors of click-fraud malware,” Microsoft explained.

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