Microsoft Finally Gets the Idea, to Sell Surface in Third-Party Stores

The company will start selling the tablet in non-Microsoft stores

With limited distribution considered one of the biggest problems for Microsoft’s Surface slow sales debut, the Redmond-based giant is willing to change its strategy in early 2013.

Paul Thurrott said that Microsoft might soon start selling its very first tablet in history beyond its Store network.

While it’s not yet clear that Microsoft plans to do the same thing with the Surface Pro that will be unveiled in January, the Surface RT will most likely make it to other stores around the world in early 2013.

What’s more, Microsoft is also planning to expand the Surface product family with some other products, including smaller tablets with 7- or 8-inch screens.

Of course, the company is yet to confirm all of these rumors, but more details are expected to be unveiled next year, as the Surface Pro would go on sale in a couple of months.

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