Microsoft Fixes Skype Message Synchronization Issues, Promises "Enhanced Chat Experience"

Redmond has released several technical improvements for its VoIP platform

Microsoft has spent more time lately to address bugs found in the Skype VoIP platform, so the company recently announced that an "enhanced chat experience" should now be provided across all devices, as it finally managed to address a number of bugs.

The latest Skype clients released by Microsoft comes with fixes for synchronization issues across devices, which means that you should no longer receive notifications for old conversations.

Redmond promises that you'll only receive notifications on the device you're actively using, so the whole experience should now be better on tablets, desktops, and smart phones.

"To accompany these changes, we’ve continued to optimize our overall mobile performance, so you’ll also see improvements to battery life, startup times, and resume times," Microsoft explained.

"We’ve improved load times for the app and for recent conversations; in addition, it’s now faster to return to the app when it’s not running in the foreground as well as faster to start up, allowing you to chat all day every day without the fear of unwanted battery drain."

Microsoft promises that more improvements will be added to Skype clients in the coming months, especially because the company is getting ready to debut major updates for desktop, tablet, and smart phone operating systems.

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