Microsoft Goes After Ukrainian Software Pirates

The company continues its fight against companies using pirated software

Microsoft is once again trying to stop companies across the world from using pirated software, this time with lawsuit against Ukrainian companies.

According to a report by KyivPost, Microsoft has filed 12 complaints against Ukrainian firms that allegedly used counterfeited software, most likely Office and Windows.

The company is seeking Hr 1 million in damages, which according to Google’s currency converter is approximately €90,445 or $123,000.

“After a recent victory in court over municipally owned Uzhgorod International Airport (a court ordered the defendant to pay Hr 66,000 in compensation), a legal representative of Microsoft has filed another 12 claims at Ukrainian commercial courts,” the Redmond-based technology titan said in a statement according to the aforementioned source.

Most of the software pirates are based in the Dnipropetrovsk region, with the companies accused of piracy including Dnipromotor, Ukrbudproekt and Agropromenergo.

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