Microsoft Has 91.74% of the Market, but This Isn’t Good News at All

The company remains the number one player in the OS game

We’ve already told you that Windows 7 remained the world’s top operating system in December, so Microsoft currently has an overall market share of no more, no less than 91.74 percent.

While that’s impressive, it’s not all just milk and honey for the Redmond-based tech titan. Windows 8, the company’s latest product in the OS market, fails to impress for the time being and has barely reached a market share of 1.72 percent.

Windows 7 is the top choice for computer users worldwide, so the 45.11 percent market share isn’t surprising at all. Windows XP’s 39.08 percent share, on the other hand, is a bit worrying for Microsoft, especially because the company tries so hard to move users to a newer OS.

Last but not least, 0.04 percent of computers are still running Windows 2000 or Windows NT, while 5.67 percent of the users prefer to stick to Windows Vista.

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