Microsoft Has Released 106 Security Updates in 2013

The company has paid more attention to security bulletins this year

Microsoft has just announced that this month’s Patch Tuesday cycle will bring us a total of 11 security patches, pushing the overall count of bulletins to 106 for the entire year.

Wolfgang Kandek, CTO, Qualys, who analyzed the number of security bulletins released by Microsoft in the past years, wrote that the overall count has grown from 83 last year, which means that Redmond paid a bit more attention to security flaws this year.

“This brings the overall count of security bulletins for 2013 to 106, up quite significantly from last year’s count of 83, but roughly in line with 2011 (100 bulletins) and 2010 (106 bulletins). Microsoft has also maintained the more continuous release of bulletins started in 2012 with an average of just under 9 bulletins per month rather than the more bursty bi-monthly nature of previous years,” he wrote.

While many would think that a growing number of security bulletins is also an indication that software products are becoming more vulnerable to attacks, it’s also an indication that Microsoft is now patching flaws a lot faster, paying much more attention to the overall security of its software.

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