Microsoft Hopes Companies Would Buy Surface Pro for Their Employees [WSJ]

The Surface Pro is a tablet aimed at business users, Microsoft says

The Surface Windows 8 Pro will go on sale on February 9 in the United States and Canada, but even if Microsoft expects the tablet to perform better than its RT predecessor, the company also hopes to see companies purchase the device for their workers.

The Surface Pro is aimed at business users, while the RT is more appropriate for consumers looking for a Windows tablet. Microsoft expects the Pro version to replace company laptops, as it runs Windows 8 Pro and comes with full support for desktop applications.

Stella Chernyak, a senior director of Windows Enterprise at Microsoft, told WSJ that the Surface Pro is based on feedback received from around 800 business customers, some of which emphasized the need for a keyboard and a stylus.

The Surface Pro won’t be delivered with a Touch Cover, but instead it will include a Touch Pen stylus that makes drawing and writing easier.

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