Microsoft Hunts Down Russian Pirates

The company sues Russian company for using unlicensed content

It’s no surprise that Microsoft’s products are among the most pirated in the entire world, but the company seems to be fully prepared to hunt down all those using unauthorized software.

Microsoft, Autodesk and Adobe decided to file lawsuits again several Russian companies after discovering unlicensed applications on their computers, according to a report by RAPSI News.

While Microsoft sued a tire-repair plant on February 19, the three companies are asking for approximately $30,000 (€22,300) in damages.

In case you’re wondering how Microsoft managed to discover the pirated content deployed on the company’s computers, it appears that it all comes down to a routine inspection. Microsoft discovered the counterfeited software and decided to go directly to court.

“The copyright owners went to court after law enforcement agencies exposed the defendants' unlawful software use during a routine inspection,” the court was quoted as saying by the source.

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