Microsoft Hunts Down Software Pirates with Armed Police Officers

The company has started a new anti-piracy fight in Guatemala

Microsoft continues its anti-piracy efforts worldwide, this time with a new campaign in Guatemala, as several local insurance companies are allegedly using software without authorization.

What’s more interesting is that Microsoft has joined forces with local authorities to raid several companies and try to extort licensees fees worth $70,000 (€52,000).

“Microsoft appeared with armed Guatemalan law enforcement officers and halted plaintiffs’ business operations. Microsoft then proceeded to extort Plaintiffs by demanding an on-the-spot agreement to pay $70,000 or Microsoft would remove all… servers containing ALL data and operational software,” Seguros Universales SA of Guatemala City, one of the companies that have been raided, said according to

Seguros claims that it has already paid all licenses fees to Microsoft, as well as an additional $21,000 (€15,500) in taxes to the state of Guatemala.

Microsoft, on the other hand, claims that these allegations are false, so the company is “looking forward to addressing the claims.”

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