Microsoft Increased Office 2011 Prices When No One Was Looking

Office 2011 for Mac systems is now a bit more expensive

Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch an iOS version of its Office productivity suite but, in the meantime, the company decided to increase pricing of the Mac build.

While the company confirmed that it had no plans to bring Office 2013 on Apple platforms, it quietly increased pricing of the 2011 version from $120 (€90) to $140 (€105) for the Home and Student version. The Home and Business version is more expensive too, with a license now sold for $220 (€165) instead of $200 (€150).

Microsoft is yet to make this price hike public, but according a report by The Register, the same increase is also taking place in the United Kingdom where Mac clients are a bit more expensive starting today.

The good news is that some copies are still available on Amazon and on some other online retailers with the old price tag, so in case you’re planning to buy Office for Mac, this is the right time to do it.

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