Microsoft Is Cooler than Most People Think – Report

A new poll indicates that people see Microsoft as a much cooler company than one year ago

While some ex-Microsofties suggest that the Redmond-based technology titan is no longer a cool company, a poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos indicate otherwise.

Approximately half of the 853 respondents between the age of 18 and 29 have said that Microsoft is a much cooler company now than one year ago, citing the Surface tablet and the Windows 8 operating system as the main reasons.

Microsoft invested heavily in its marketing efforts for these two products and most respondents apparently applaud the company’s strategy, as everybody’s now aware that Windows 8 and the Surface are up for grabs.

Paradoxically, both are considered two of the most controversial Microsoft projects ever released, mostly because Windows 8 relies on significant UI changes as compared to the traditional Windows platform.

This pretty much affects sales too, even though Microsoft claims that Windows 8 shipments are in line with those recorded by Windows 7 after launch.

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