Microsoft Is “Delighted” with Windows 8 Sales in Asia-Pacific

Sales are going great in this market, Microsoft says

Microsoft recently announced that it had sold 60 million Windows 8 copies in just two months after launch, but analysts continue to emphasize that these figures are actually pointing to a rather disappointing performance for the Windows brand.

In Asia-Pacific, on the other hand, sales are going great, according to a Microsoft representative, even though no official figures have been provided.

“Traditionally, our Asia-Pacific customers are amongst the earliest adopters of new technologies. They are especially interested in the latest computing devices such as ultrabooks, tablet PCs and hybrids, as well as exploring new and exciting experiences like touch-based computing. I am pleased to say that the same is true for Windows 8, we are delighted with the uptake in the region so far,” Alvaro Celis, vice-president of Microsoft Asia-Pacific, was quoted as saying by Vietnam Investment Review.

Microsoft recently reminded users that the special $39.99 (€30) price campaign for Windows 8 will expire at the end of the month, with an upgrade to be sold for $119.99 (€90) starting with February 1.

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