Microsoft Issues Update to Fix Surface RT Wi-Fi Bug

Patch Tuesday brings fixes for Microsoft’s first tablet in history

The February 2013 Patch Tuesday cycle brought updates not only for the Windows platform and Internet Explorer, but also for the Surface RT, the first tablet in Microsoft’s history.

Microsoft tried to fix a Wi-Fi bug that is preventing Surface RT owners from accessing the Internet, as many have reported limited or no connectivity at all.

According to a post on Microsoft’s support forums, the February patches bring Surface Wi-Fi reliability, connectivity in various scenarios and performance improvements, but also driver updates supposed to improve performance with Windows, Volume and Power buttons.

A second Wi-Fi patch is scheduled to be released next month, so we can’t tell for sure right now if the current update manages to fix the mentioned bug or not.

Microsoft recommends users to apply all patches as soon as possible using the built-in Windows Update option.

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