Microsoft Joins Oracle in Its Anti-Google War Reuters

The Redmond-based firm said it would support Oracle in court

Microsoft continues its long-time dispute with Google on all fronts, this time teaming up with Oracle in the Google lawsuit.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has been informed that Microsoft is siding with Oracle and would provide what is being called “a friend of the court brief” to testify against its Mountain View-based search rival.

Oracle accused Google of using the Java programming language for the Android platform without authorization, but the courts have already ruled in the search company’s favor.

Oracle appealed the decision and is now getting Microsoft’s support in the lawsuit, even though it’s not yet clear what exactly the software giant plans to say in order to prove that Google is actually guilty of copyright infringement.

According to Reuters, Microsoft hired Gregory Garre, former US solicitor general and partner at Latham & Watkins law firm, to take care of the lawsuit.

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