Microsoft Laughs at Google’s Efforts to Steal Its Users

Google isn’t “truly serious” about Office apps, Microsoft says

The war between Google and Microsoft goes on after the Mountain View-based search giant said that it is planning to steal 90 percent of Office software users, this time with a statement from the Windows maker.

A Microsoft official says Google isn’t “truly serious” about the enterprise Office business, so there’s no reason to be concerned about it.

“From the outside, they are an advertising company,” Julia White, general manager in Microsoft’s business division, told the New York Times.

According to Google’s very own statements, the search company wants to steal approximately 90 percent of Microsoft’s Office users, just because its very own Google Apps service offers the essential features at a more affordable price.

Word processing, spreadsheets tools and presentation software are all available in cheaper packages, Google said, so those who’re not looking for advanced features could very well switch to Google Apps.

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