Microsoft Launches $599 (€449) Surface RT 64 GB Without Touch Cover

The company expands the existing Surface RT product range

Redmond-based technology giant Microsoft will officially release the Surface with Windows 8 Pro on February 9, but the company is also planning to expand the existing family of the Surface RT.

A 64 GB version of the device without a Touch Cover will be sold for $599 (€499), but this particular accessory will continue to be available separately for $119.99 (€90).

The Surface RT was officially released on October 26, together with the new Windows 8 operating system, but the 64 GB version was only available with a Touch Cover included in the package and with a price tag of $699 (€525).

The 64 GB model without a Touch Cover is not yet available on Microsoft’s website, but the company is very likely to start selling it in the next couple of days.

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