Microsoft Launches Escape from Windows XP Game, Play It for Free Right Now

Redmond has released a new game that can be played in your browser

Microsoft finally pulled the plug on Windows XP a couple of days ago, so the company’s developers apparently had some time off to create a game that’s probably supposed to encourage users to move to a newer operating system.

A game called Escape from XP is now available for everyone using a modern browser (which means that you might not be able to play it on Windows XP) and calls for you to kill an army of old computers running the operating system that has just been discontinued by Microsoft.

While it’s quite a pretty weird way to make users get rid of Windows XP, which could easily turn against Microsoft given the incredible consumer support that the old operating system is having these days, Redmond is also using this new game to showcase the capabilities of the new versions of Internet Explorer.

Of course, Escape for Windows XP is available at absolutely no cost and can be played in your browser. Even though Microsoft claims that Internet Explorer is the application that should be used to play it, basically all new browsers out there should be able to load it, no matter if we’re talking about Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

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