Microsoft Launches Free Tools to Help Users Create Windows 8 Apps

The company continues its campaign to attract developers to the new Windows 8 platform

The lack of apps is considered one of the main reasons for Windows 8’s and Windows RT’s slow debut, so Microsoft’s attempts to encourage developers to create such programs seem to make sense.

The company has released a dedicated website to provide free tools and documentation to young developers who wish to focus on Windows 8 apps.

Besides a “getting started” guide, developers are also provided with Visual Studio 2013 Express for Windows 8 (completely free for students) which includes the Windows 8 software development kit, the Windows app certification kit and Blend for Visual Studio to create and edit images.

Last but not least, the company is providing instructions on how to build, test and publish applications, as the certification process seems to be one of the most challenging steps before actually getting into the Windows Store.

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