Microsoft Launches Maps Update on Windows 8.1 – Free Download

A new version of the Maps app is now being delivered through the store

Microsoft is now shipping a new version of the built-in Windows 8.1 Maps app to users, as the company completed development of another version that comes with quite a lot of improvements.

For example, the new Maps app packs Facebook support to find out the name of the businesses that your friends liked, but also to quickly access popular and recommended locations.

You also get personalized Local Scout recommendations for restaurants, events, attractions, hotels, and more, according to the official release notes, while Bing Smart Search, Bing Travel and Bing Weather apps integration now allows you to easily access information provided by other tools.

At the same time, the new build also packs an improved look and feel, so you should download Maps for Windows 8.1 as soon as possible to get all these enhancements on your computer as well.

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