Microsoft Launches Massive Discounts on Windows 8 Touch-Capable PCs

The company announces a new round of discounts on its online store

Microsoft has recently started a new discount campaign for select computers sold via its online store, as the company is struggling to improve the initial uptake of Windows 8 devices.

With touchscreen units dubbed the only ones capable to bring Windows 8’s features in the spotlight, some of the devices sold on Microsoft’s online store are available with special price tags for a limited time, including products belonging to Acer and HP.

Acer Aspire S7, for example, comes with a $350 (€270) discount, so pricing now starts at $899 (€695) for a limited time. In addition, the company is offering a $250 (€195) price cut for the HP Envy X2, so customers who want to buy it only have to pay $599 (€460).

Many more discounts are expected to be announced in the near future, as Microsoft is looking to make touch-capable units a bit more affordable, in an attempt to show everyone that Windows 8 is at least worth a chance.

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