Microsoft Launches Surface Firmware Updates on Patch Tuesday

The company today rolled out new firmware versions for its tablets

Microsoft used the Patch Tuesday rollout to launch some new firmware updates for three of its tablets and thus provide buyers with enhanced performance and bug fixes for their devices.

The Surface 2, the Surface Pro, and the Surface Pro 2 have all received support for the upcoming Power Cover that will hit the stores on March 19, but it’s already available for pre-order.

In addition, the Surface Pro 2 firmware update brings several important improvements, including enhanced support for Miracast, better stability and experience for Surface Covers and a faster response of the touchpad.

The Surface Pro is getting the same touchpad improvements, but also some critical bug fixes that are supposed to make the tablet a lot more reliable for users worldwide.

Last but not least, the Surface 2 is getting enhanced multiple finger support on the touchpad, as well as critical patches supposed to fix issues causing the tablet to fail to wake from sleep.

As usual, all firmware updates are being delivered via Windows Update, so minimal user input is required. Just make sure that your device is fully charged before starting the update process, as firmware installation needs to be completed successfully with no interruption caused by running out of battery.

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