Microsoft Launches Windows XP Death Countdown Timer

Only 91 days left until Windows XP is set to be discontinued

Windows XP will be officially discontinued on April 8, which means that you have less than four months to choose your next destination, be it a new Windows version, Linux, or Mac OS X.

In order to make sure that everyone knows that Windows XP support is coming to an end, Microsoft rolled out a countdown timer to remind us that there are only 91 days until XP would be officially retired.

Using the “Time for change” motto, Microsoft says that 8 million Windows XP users still need to modernize their business and calls for those still running this OS version to pick their next destination.

“With end of support for Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 rapidly approaching, your customers may be at risk for malicious software and compliance issues,” Microsoft explained.

At this point, Windows XP is still powering 28 percent of computers worldwide, but Microsoft hopes to cut its market share to 13 percent by April.

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