Microsoft Made Yammer a Much More Successful Service

The platform now has more than 7 million registered users

Microsoft paid $1.2 billion (€910 million) to take over Yammer, the social networking platform that had only 5 million registered accounts at that time.

The platform is becoming a much more successful product under Microsoft’s umbrella, according to figures released by the Redmond-based company, as it currently has a total of 7 million users.

What’s more, sales recorded last year were three times bigger as compared to the year before, while the fourth quarter alone increased sales by four times.

The number of paying customers increased 165 percent in 2012, while the service added a total of 290 new paying customers in the fourth quarter of the year.

“Yammer experienced banner growth in 2012 and grew particularly fast in the fourth quarter. Our momentum is definitely accelerating following the Microsoft acquisition,” said David Sacks, Yammer co-founder and corporate vice president, Microsoft Office Division.

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