Microsoft Approves Win 8.1 Pro HD Media Player for Download

More spam reaches the Store even though Microsoft promises increased quality

Microsoft has pledged to bring more high-quality apps in the Windows Store, but it turns out that the company often approves spam entries to be listed for download.

Case in point, the recently published Win 8.1 Pro HD Media Player. As you can see for yourselves on the official product page in the Store, this app is supposed to be a media player that can handle most common formats on both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

In addition to a description that’s full of spelling errors, Win 8.1 Pro HD Media Player comes with a $4.99 (€3.5) price tag and no trial version, which means that users who wish to give it a try have no other option than to pay for a full license.

The description pretty much says it all about the app:

“Windows MediaPlayer is a 32/64-bit media player for Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System.This App is a Media Player that allows you to open or browse the folders directly from media library, DVD drive and Pen drive. It supports many controls like ● Play ●Pause ● Stop ● Volume...”

As a conclusion, make sure you double-check every app you plan to buy on Windows 8, as some of them could be nothing more than spam supposed to steal your money.

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