Microsoft May Have Delayed the Surface with Windows 8 Pro

The company wanted retailers to be prepared for the event

The Surface with Windows 8 Pro will go on sale on February 9, even though the company initially said that it planned to debut the device in January 2013.

The reason appears to be a delay approved by Microsoft because it wanted to make sure that retailers were ready for the new tablet. As compared to the Surface RT, the Surface Pro will be available at Best Buy and Staples from the get-go, in an effort to support sales of the new tablet.

Tami Reller, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer and chief financial officer, told The Verge that the company was betting big on these retailers, but she refused to confirm whether the launch had been delayed or not.

“We wanted to make sure they felt great about the timing of Surface Pro availability. That's really what informed our dates,” Reller explained.

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