Microsoft May Lose Some Partners If the Dell Deal Goes Through Bloomberg

Partners are afraid that Dell could get an advantage after Microsoft’s involvement

Dell is currently negotiating a buyout with Silver Lake Management and, according to various reports, Microsoft is one of the companies that could provide funding.

Even though such a deal would really come in handy for Microsoft’s development in the hardware business, it may also affect its current collaboration with other manufacturers on the market.

Bloomberg writes that some companies have expressed concerns that Dell may get an early look at new software developed by Microsoft, as well as exclusive insights into the marketing business of the Redmondians.

Microsoft has already stirred up criticism for stepping into the hardware industry with the release of the Surface tablet in October 2012, with several companies, including Acer, criticizing it for trying to “kill the ecosystem.”

The Redmond-based technology titan was regarded as a very powerful rival for hardware manufacturers, even if many of them are already working with it on a number of projects.

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