Microsoft Named the Best Company to Work for in the UAE

The Redmond-based software giant tops the list for 2013

Microsoft has been crowned the best company to work for in the United Arab Emirates, with the Redmond-based software titan receiving a better score than Marriott Hotels, DHL and FedEx Express.

The report released by the Great Place to Work Institute revealed that Microsoft, Marriott Hotels and FedEx Express remained the top three companies in the country, with the trio also taking the podium in 2012, according to Gulf Business.

“What is really exciting is the significant improvement UAE companies are showing in terms of employee trust levels and effective HR programs. Benchmarking these companies against our global lists shows the UAE ranks as the eighth-best nation for trust in the workplace,” David Robert, CEO of Great Place to Work, said.

Worldwide, Google remains the best company to work for, according to Fortune magazine, while Microsoft is only placed on the 75th position.

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