Microsoft, Nikon Sign Deal on Android Patent Royalties

Nikon will pay Microsoft royalties for its Android devices

Just like many other large companies across the world, Nikon has signed an Android patent agreement with Microsoft, so the Redmond-based based technology giant will receive royalties every time a camera using the Android platform is sold.

Microsoft hasn’t provided too many details on the deal, but it did confirm that Nikon would pay the company royalties on the devices it sells to buyers across the world.

“Microsoft and Nikon have a long history of collaboration, and this agreement further demonstrates the value that both companies place on responsible IP licensing,” said David Kaefer, general manager of Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing at Microsoft. “Microsoft is proud to align with a leader in the digital camera industry to license Android technology for the benefit of Nikon’s customers.”

Nikon isn’t the only company that’s paying royalties for using the Android platform, as Samsung, LG, Barnes and Nobles, HTC and Acer have all signed similar deals.

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