Microsoft “Not Concerned” About Windows 8 Bloomberg

The company says that Windows 8 is performing very well right now

While the Redmond-based technology giant doesn’t provide too many details on the sales performance of the newly released Windows 8, Tami Reller, chief financial officer for the Windows division, says the company is not at all concerned about the way the new OS is doing right now.

Reller said in an interview with Bloomberg that Microsoft is now trying to make sure that enough devices running Windows 8 are offered to users.

The lack of Windows 8 devices was rumored to be one of the reasons cited by Microsoft executives for the poor sales performance of the new software, as hardware manufacturers released only a limited number of such computers in late 2012.

“I don’t have concerns about awareness, and I don’t have concerns about interest. Now I feel increasingly good about mapping that interest to having those customers find the device they want on the shelf,” Reller said.

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