Microsoft Now Investigating Windows Update Bug

It appears that the latest Patch Tuesday updates broke down Windows Update

We’ve already told you that this year’s first Patch Tuesday updates had apparently broken down Windows Update on Windows RT devices, but an official statement from the Redmond-based software firm is yet to be released.

Still, a Surface support engineer has just posted on Microsoft’s support forums to ask more questions on the problem, hinting that the company is currently investigating the issue.

“Sorry to hear about the issue still persisting. Aside from being unable to access Windows Update, can you confirm that you can still browse the web and get updates to apps such as Mail, Messaging, Skydrive? Also, does this happen on all networks, or just your home network?” Steven_B wrote.

According to users’ reports, Windows Update is no longer working and, in some cases, the integrated Windows Store fails to load. It appears that one of the updates included the latest Patch Tuesday cycle is at fault for the problem, but we’re still waiting for an official confirmation on this.

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