Microsoft Office 2013 Locked to Just a Single Computer

A software license is only available for a single PC, Microsoft says

Microsoft has recently released the Office 2013 productivity suite, so the company is now trying to convince users to upgrade to this new version of the software.

Even though it brings quite a long list of improvements, Office 2013 will be locked to just a single computer, according to a report released by The Inquirer.

Microsoft Office 2013 is a single device license. [Consumers] will have to purchase Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium” that comes with support for up to 5 different devices, be they Windows computers, mobile devices or Macs.

Sadly for Office 2013 buyers, there’s no other option even if the computer is damaged or lost, but the company confirmed for the same source that it’s currently working on this, so future modifications of the guidelines are very likely.

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