Microsoft Office 2013 May Be Launched on March 31

The company initially said that Office 2013 would go live in Q1 2013

Microsoft has already announced that it would release the new Office 2013 sometimes in the first quarter of this year, but some new rumors are now suggesting that the software could go live on March 31.

According to a Hardware Zone Forums registered user, a Microsoft support engineer has confirmed that the company plans to release the new productivity suite at the end of March.

The user goes on to reveal a conversation with Microsoft tech support, explaining that he managed to purchase Office 2013 after a buy link was mistakenly published on the Microsoft Singapore store website.

While we’re not sure that this conversation is real, especially because Microsoft’s support engineers do not usually ask for product keys, Office 2013 is almost here, so the company is very likely to confirm the release date anytime soon.

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