Microsoft Office 2013 to Support a Total of 106 Languages

Microsoft adds support for three new Asian languages

Even though Microsoft is yet to announce the release date of the new Office 2013 productivity suite, the company has revealed today that its new software would support a total of 106 languages.

Microsoft said in a blog post published a few hours ago that Office 2013 would also support three new Asian languages, namely Indonesian, Malay and Vietnamese, while another thirteen have been added to the list of Language Interface Packs.

“Three new languages have been fully localized for the first time and Language Interface Packs added in 13 more. The range of languages supported in Office 365 and in Office Mobile has also been greatly extended. For the many international users who need to consume or create content in more than one language we are introducing new ways to access Office proofing tools in additional languages,” Microsoft said.

According to some new rumors on the matter, Microsoft Office 2013 will go live at the end of March, but once again, the company refuses to comment on this date.

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