Microsoft Office “Blue” to Be Launched This Year – Rumor

The company is working on a major set of improvements for the Office platform

The “Blue” project has already been confirmed by Microsoft in a very short statement, but rumor has it that the tech giant is planning to roll out major improvements for many other products beside Windows, including Internet Explorer, SkyDrive, and Office.

As far as the productivity suite is concerned, a new upgrade called “Gemini” is under development right now and, according to Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, it could hit the market in June or July this year.

While no specifics are available for the time being, it seems like Microsoft is looking to upgrade both Office 365 and Office 2013, with the subscription-based service to be the first that will get the improvements.

The Office Gemini project is also expected to spawn some new versions of the productivity suite that would include iOS, Android, and Linux builds, as well as a touch-optimized flavor specifically aimed at Windows 8 users.

While the company has remained completely tight-lipped on this subject, word is that it could expand Office beyond Windows as soon as next year.

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