Microsoft’s Office Store Is Offering over 200 Apps Now

More should be added as interest in the portal increases

Office 2013, the latest flavor of Microsoft’s highly popular productivity suite, was made officially available for purchase yesterday, with a long-announced Office Store attached to it.

Through it, users will be able to download a variety of plugins and other tools for their copy of Office so as to expand the features and capabilities of the suite.

Overall, it appears that over 200 applications are already available for download for those who purchase Office 2013 in these days, though more of them will become available soon, Microsoft expects.

According to, Microsoft won’t provide download stats just yet, claiming that it’s too early for that.

However, it might not be too long before such details are made public, since the Office Store is something new for the product, and users will certainly be interested in learning more on what it has to offer to them.

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