Microsoft Office Web Apps Get Major Feature Updates

The company has introduced 4 new ways to quickly edit Office documents

Office Web Apps are now playing a much more important role in Microsoft’s long-term plan, so the company has recently introduced four important updates to quickly edit documents in the browser.

Users are now able to simply copy and paste pictures from the web directly into an Office document. This option works in Word Web App, PowerPoint Web App and OneNote Web App.

In addition, the company has implemented a new toolbar that follows the mouse cursor, so whenever you select one or several words, you’ll be allowed to perform a number of actions more quickly and easily.

Changing the slide layout in the PowerPoint Web App is also faster, as users can now right-click in the document and pick a different layout.

Last but not least, Microsoft has also worked on the touch support, so Excel Web App users can now move and resize charts by simply tapping them.

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