Microsoft Down in Some Countries – 2/25/2013

The email service appears to be unavailable for some users

Microsoft’s email platform is currently down for some users across the world, only days after the company officially released the final version of the service.

According to users who posted on the company’s support forums, they’re all provided by with a “service unavailable” error and nothing happens after a few page refreshes.

“I'm having the same issue and so is my daughter. I can access calendar and the service status says it's all normal. I get the blank white screen with service unavailable in top left corner,” one user wrote.

The problem, however, isn’t affecting all users worldwide, as our accounts seem to be working just fine at the time of writing this article. We’ve managed not only to successfully log in, but also to send and receive a couple of messages in just a matter of seconds.

Update: Microsoft has restored access to More information is available here.

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