Microsoft Down in Some Countries – 5/28/2013

Users report issues when trying to access the email service

Some users across the world seem to be experiencing issues when trying to access, with Microsoft confirming that it’s looking into the problem as we speak.

Even though the status page of Microsoft’s services claims that Outlook is running normally, several users have confirmed on the company’s support forum that the email platform is down at this point.

The error message displayed when trying to access Outlook only says that “We can’t connect to Outlook at the moment” and doesn’t provide any other details.

“ Access Issue. We are aware that customers are experiencing issues while accessing their mailboxes. They may receive an error message ‘We can’t connect to Outlook right now. Please try again later,’” a notification posted on the Microsoft community forums reads.

As said, Microsoft is now investigating the issue, so we shall update the article as more information is provided.

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