Microsoft Pays $1 Million (€760,000) to Settle Search Engine Patent Lawsuit

The tech giant has reached an agreement with Vringo to settle their legal dispute

Software company Microsoft and Vringo have reached an agreement to settle a lawsuit over the technologies used by the Windows maker to display ads on its search platform.

Vringo claimed in a legal filling that Microsoft had used the technologies patented by two of its employees without authorization, seeking millions in damages.

According to India Times, Microsoft has agreed to pay $1 million (€760,000) to settle the dispute and to enter a licensing agreement with the company.

Vringo is also involved in a larger case against Google and AOL, accusing both firms of infringing the same patents.

Both Google and AOL have been asked to pay $30 million (€23 million) in damages to Vringo, but given the fact that the company expected to receive approximately $700 million (€538 million), it decided to appeal the decision and seek more money.

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