Microsoft Places Anti-Gmail Billboard Near Google’s HQ

The software giant continues the Scroogled campaign with new ads

Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign continues, especially after the company officially introduced the final version of its email service.

Since the Redmond-based software giant is struggling to bring more users to, blasting Gmail is basically a priority, especially because Google is allegedly violating users’ privacy by looking into their emails to display relevant ads.

Well, Microsoft has decided to make users aware of this fact by placing an anti-Gmail billboard right next to the Google headquarters.

“Morning commuters near Google's headquarters in California's Silicon Valley are greeted by a new billboard educating Gmail users that Google goes through personal emails to sell ads,” the Scroogled website reads.

While Google remains tight-lipped on these attempts, Microsoft’s efforts seem to pay off, as the overall number of users switching to is increasing on a daily basis.

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