Microsoft Planning “Less Frequent” Updates for Surface RT, Pro

The company says that both its tablets are getting mature

Microsoft hasn’t released new firmware updates for the Surface RT and the Pro this month, but the company might actually roll out improvements in the coming month for both tablets.

However, the tech giant notes that firmware updates for the two devices will become less frequent, as fewer issues are found every month.

“Windows and Surface are periodically updated with new features and improvements as they become available, and they will continue to receive updates as needed. Product updates for Surface RT and Surface Pro will become less frequent as the products mature. This is the natural cycle for all devices,” the company said in a statement to Neowin.

At the same time, Microsoft is also fully focused on the second-generation Surface tablet that’s expected to be launched on September 23 in NYC. There’s no word on when sales are scheduled to start, but rumor has it that the first units might hit the shelves in mid-October together with Windows 8.1.

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