Microsoft Planning to Mass-Produce Large Touchscreens

The company is trying to make the most of the Perceptive Pixel acquisition

Microsoft purchased Perceptive Pixel for an undisclosed amount in 2012, but ever since, the company has remained quite tight-lipped on any plans that might involve its new acquisition.

It appears, however, that Redmond intends to mass-produce large-screen touch displays with the help of Perceptive Pixel (PPI), with plans most likely including devices that would in the end be capable of running Windows 8.1.

Stephen Elop, currently in charge of Microsoft’s devices unit, told attendees of Microsoft’s Australian Partner Conference on September 2 that PPI displays could soon be mass-produced by the software giant, but tackling the final price still remains a serious challenge.

Although they provide amazing quality, PPI’s large-screen touch displays were extremely expensive, with such units being sold before Microsoft’s acquisition for no less than $80,000 (€60,850). Microsoft, however, was looking into the matter ever since the deal was agreed upon, so such a display is now available for approximately $7,500 (€5,700).

At this point, it’s not yet clear when Microsoft is planning to start distribution of the new displays, but this could really help the company expand in the hardware industry and bring Windows 8.1 on devices of all sizes.

Redmond has already emphasized plans to make Windows available on screens of various sizes, and both smartwatches with small displays and PPI displays are part of its future plans.

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