Microsoft Planning to Score Big with Turkish Fatih Tablet Plan

Turkish authorities are willing to bring tablet PCs in schools

Microsoft is one of the tech giants interested in Turkey’s so-called Fatih project, a new plan outlined by the local government that’s supposed to replace traditional blackboards and textbooks with electronic books and tablet PCs.

According to a report by Turkish Weekly, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has already met Turkish Science and Technology Minister Nihat Ergün, with the Redmond-based technology giant agreeing to establish a research and development center in the country.

“Microsoft declared its willingness to cooperate with local solution partners and insisted that it’s determined to found a research center in Turkey,” the minister was quoted as saying by the source.

Apple is the other large company interested in the project, but whoever wins the contract will need to manufacture the tablets in Turkey, according to local officials. In addition, the companies need to open at least one research and development center within the borders of Turkey.

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