Microsoft Play Brings Xbox Live Games on Windows 8 – Video

Microsoft launches a new service for Windows 8 users

Even though a number of Xbox Live games was already available on Windows 8, the Redmond-based technology firm Microsoft today announced the release of the Play service, a technology supposed to bring such games on the new operating system.

The service will provide a better integration of Xbox Live games and devices running Windows 8, including Windows Phone 8 and the Surface tablet.

Basically, Play will allow Microsoft users to play a game on any of the supported platforms and continue it on another one from where they left off, using only an Internet connection.

“Get your game on with this amazing line-up of titles from Microsoft Studios. Our games have something for everyone, from casual puzzlers and high energy racing to immersive adventure and non-stop arcade. For Xbox fans you’ll also find your favorite features like leaderboards, multiplayer modes, connecting with friends, and more,” Microsoft said.

At this point, there are 15 Xbox Live games available in the Store, all of them compatible with both the desktop and the tablet version of Windows 8.

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