Microsoft Plays Down Windows 9 OS Unification Rumors

No chance to see Windows Phone merging with Windows RT, the company says

A rumor that reached the web a couple of weeks ago claimed that Microsoft might be merging Windows Phone and Windows RT when the new Windows 9 hits the market, in an attempt to revamp its mobile platforms.

The Windows Phone Design team has publicly denied rumors in a couple of tweets posted a few hours ago, explaining that all these reports are rather funny than real.

“Scrapping everything and starting over? Hahaha,” the Windows Phone Design team tweeted, according to WP Central.

“Nah. The guy who started that rumor is though,” the group continued when another Twitter user asked if they were drunk.

The tweets have since been removed and Microsoft continues to remain tight-lipped on the subject. Previous reports have indicated that Windows 9 could be released sometime next year, after the company launches the first beta of the OS in January 2014.

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