Microsoft Pledges to Invest $7.9 Million (€6 Million) in Irish Youth Education

The company continues its effort to tackle youth unemployment

Microsoft has just announced that it would invest a total of $7.9 million (€6 million) in its YouthSpark campaign in Ireland, as the company continues its efforts to tackle youth unemployment across the globe.

Planning to provide IT education to around 10,000 young people in the country, Microsoft is now working with the local government to outline a strategy for the next three years.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Microsoft confirmed the agreement a few hours ago, according to a report by Irish Times, saying that the Redmond-based technology company will focus on mobile technology, cloud and gaming.

“Globally Microsoft is focusing on the challenge that is unemployment for youth. We’ve had a number of initiatives in the past but we’re trying to drive a much more cohesive aligned progamme around enabling youth,” said Microsoft Ireland Managing Director Cathriona Hallahan.

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